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We all know, Indians are very passionate about the game of cricket and they would throng any ground in the world, to watch, the men-in-blue play their favourite sports. But do you know, what is the most challenging and the most entertaining form of cricket? No, it’s not T20. Guess what? It actually originated in India. It’s Box Cricket. The Indian ‘tadka’ added to cricket.

How many of you have come across this term?

How many of you have witnessed this game in action?

For a vast country like India, where cricket is their favourite sport, their favourite pastime, what better can you expect but their favourite, ‘jugaad’. No space constraint, no time constraint, sports equipment constraint, nor sports ground constraint can stop the cricket enthusiast from playing their favourite game. This modified version of the game has taken care of everything, to say the least. Every part of the game modified to suit the conditions needed, for playing cricket in an overcrowded city. What has not changed, is the entertainment quotient. It’s totally entertaining and in fact, it’s even more challenging than T20.

One game that has evolved in recent years is Box Cricket. This sport is more popular in metropolitan cities where there are space constraints. In simple words, it is playing cricket in a smaller place. Box cricket is a substitute for traditional cricket which usually demands a huge playing area. As the name suggests, the gameplay in a box with measurable dimensions.

For this game, no governing body of cricket defines any rules The game can play, in an open or closed place. The playing teams decide all rules as per their convenience.

Below are the usual points of discussion between the two teams before starting the game.

Team Size:

There are usually 6 to 10 players in a team depending upon the available members on each side. The team can also be a mixture of girls and boys with an equal number of girls in both teams.

Ball Type:

Most of the time Box cricket with light tennis cricket balls. The opponent players are in cross proximity of the batsman. You can buy red tennis balls from here.

Bat Type:

Most commonly Scoop bats use in this form of cricket. A scoop bat has deep scoops behind the bat. This reduces the weight of the bat without compromising on the power and quality of the cricket bat. Depending on the playing style of an individual, you can use a heavier bat also. Scoop bats and normal cricket bats are available on our shop page.


Ideally, teams agree for a minimum of 6 to 12 overs per team and the maximum overs given to a single bowler is always 1/4th of the total overs.


The most important rule of box cricket, is that the batsman are not allowed to hit the ball outside the defined playing area. If so, the batsman is given out. But if the ball rolls over the playing area, then it is considered, not out.

Box cricket has 2 batsmen present simultaneously, one is the striker and the other is the non-striker. If you want to make runs then the ball must be inside the box area. Or else runs are declared.

Taking runs between the wickets are only permitted if the ball remains inside the defined box area or else runs are declared. The declarations of t It is predefined in the form of 1‘s, 2’s and 3’s to declarations of runs.

Usually, there are 6’s inbox cricket when playing in an open space. 4’s are given only if the ball goes rolling outside the defined box at the farthest end of the line where the batsman is batting. If the teams are playing box cricket in a closed area then the farthest end of the closed side can be considered for 6 runs.


An only bowler can bowl underarm. Wicket taking options remains the same as normal cricket. A few rules which teams include for bowling, might be a small square box for a bowler, which the bowler is not supposed to cross or bending of the elbow is not allowed while bowling.

The above bowling rules are used to restrict the pace of the bowler. It makes the game more skilful than just having raw pace in bowling.

Since there are no rules, teams usually discuss the above points before starting the game. Box cricket is more of a skill game than muscle power hitting. It is all about manoeuvring the ball in the gaps and accumulating runs. Girls and Boys can play this game together as a recreation or as a tournament.

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