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Whether a child or veteran cricketer, the length of the bat should fall just below the cricketer’s waist. Making the wrong choice can have a negative impact on both game-day tactics and training. Before choosing the appropriate bat for each batsman, they should be measured. Cricket bats are made from two different varieties of willow: English and Kashmir. Due to its strength and flexibility, cane is used.

In order to improve performance, modern cricketers use bats having thicker edges and wider bows, albeit a lot of this is a matter of personal preference. To the usual English wickets featuring low and sluggish bounce, bats having lower middles are ideally suited. How many grains are present in the bat can aid to convey the hardness of a wood and the calibre of the willow. With Grade 1+ to Grade 4, there have been 5 different cricket bat grades.

How to identify a bat?

Choosing a cricket bat is a personal decision that depends heavily on how you play the game as well as how it looks, feels, and weighs.

It’s crucial to take into account the variety of bats accessible and give your selection some thought when buying a cricket bat.

Important decisions to make before buying include:

  • Budget: Depending on your needs, cricket bat prices vary. We strongly advise you to buy the best bat you can within your price range.
  • Earlier experience: Have you ever participated in cricket? If so, you will be familiar with the game and know what you want from a bat. Based on your prior exposure and preferences, you might also have a loyalty to a particular brand or manufacturer. In that scenario, keep a close eye out for newly released bats.
  • Future preparation: When purchasing a bat for just a junior player, think about the kind of bat they might require the next season. It will be crucial to take the player’s growth into account when determining the type of bat, they will require to perform well.
  • Legal requirements: All cricket bats stocked by respectable manufacturers must adhere to certain legal requirements that govern the manufacturing of cricket bats. These address the length, width, and covering of the bat’s blade. These will be discussed in further detail in the sections below this guide.

Types of cricket bats –

  1. English willow bats
  2. Kashmir willow bats
  3. Softball cricket bats
  4. Training cricket bats

A guide to talent cricket size

Since ordering some of the things we carry online can be challenging, we have created a thorough size guide that will point you in the correct way. Please feel free to call us if you have any more questions or concerns about your purchase. TIDKES will be pleased to assist you.

We provide a returns policy, so you can choose between an adjustment or a refund if the items were returned to us with its original condition in 14 days if, for any reason, you receive your goods & they do not even fit or feel right.

A guide to batting pads size

Here, the measurement is from the top of the foot to the centre of the kneecap (where the tongue of your shoe would fit). Although sizes can significantly differ through one manufacturer to the next, this chart should help you get an idea.

14-5 Years OldUp to 4ft 3inches25 1/4 inches3 1/2 inches
26-7 Years Old4ft 3″ – 4ft 6″27 3/4 inches3 1/2 inches
38-9 Years Old4ft 6″ – 4ft 9″28 3/4 inches3 3/4 inches
49-10 Years Old4ft 9″ – 4ft 11″29 3/4 inches3 3/4 inches
510-11 Years Old4ft 11″ – 5ft 2″30 3/4 inches4 inches
611-13 Years Old5ft 2″ – 5ft 5″31 3/4 inches4 inches
HARROW12-14 Years Old5ft 5″ – 5ft 8″32 3/4 inches4 1/6 inches
FULL SIZE (Short Handle)15+ Years Old5ft 8″ – 6ft 3″33 1/2 inches4 1/4 inches
FULL SIZE (Long Handle/Blade)15+Years Old6ft 3″ and above34 3/8 inches4 1/4 inches
Batting Guide – THE TIDKES

It’s important to consider the range of bats that are available and give your decision some thought. We strongly urge you to purchase the greatest bat you can afford. Certain legislative regulations that control cricket bat production must be followed by all cricket bats sold by reputable producers. These speak to the bat’s blade’s length, width, and coating. If you return an item to us in its original condition within 14 days, you have the option of receiving an alteration or a refund.

When you have any additional queries or worries regarding your purchase, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at the TIDKES. Despite the fact that sizes might vary greatly from one manufacturer to the next this chart should be helpful

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