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Football is one of the most popular game in the world. It is also called soccer or association football. It is watched by millions on television and in the stadium all over the world. It’s a team sport and one of the most energetic game. It is played with a spherical ball between two teams each having 11 players, including the goalkeeper. In addition, there are 5 players who are substitutes in each team. The main object of the game is to kick the ball into the opponent’s goal without the use of hand or arm. The team scoring the highest number of goals will be the winner.

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The football :

Rules of the game

  • All teams must take to the field a minimum of five players.
  • Kick offs will be taken from half way.
  • In the event of a penalty being awarded all penalty takers can only take one step before striking the ball.
  • If a team kicks the ball out of the pitch, the match will be restart with the goalkeeper of the opposing team.
  • No pushing or grinding into rebound boards
  • Serious foul play will be punished by yellow and red cards
  • It’s not possible to touch the ball again on a penalty kick
  • All free kicks are indirect
  • If an external object stops the ball, no goal is awarded
  • You can’t score on a throw-in
  • If two fouls occur at the same time, the referee must sanction the most serious one.
  • Goalkeepers can pass the ball with their hand or using feet
  • Goalkeepers cannot kick the ball out of their hands
  • Goalkeepers must release the ball within 6 seconds
  • Goalkeepers may not pick the ball up if it has been passed to them from a team mate.
  • Goalkeepers cannot come out of their goal circle at anytime.
  • If the ball hits any part of the net behind the goalkeeper off a shot, keeper save or a deflection, the ball automatically goes to the goalkeeper for a restart.

Football playing field

Football can be played anywhere, on the ground, the fields, street, parks, beaches or school play-ground. Officially it is played on a rectangular field or pitch with a goal at each end. The football field is 90 m – 120 m long and 45m – 90m wide.

The goal area is the small box inside the penalty area. The standard size is 18.32m

The penalty area is the bigger box close to the goal. It is 11meters from the goal line and centered on the field’s goal line. The lines that extend from both the sides of the goal are 16.5 m with a distance of 40.32 between them. An arc of a circle with a radius of 9.15 m is made from the center of each penalty area.

Flag post

A flag post of 1.5m height is placed with a flag,

  • At the corners of the rectangular pitch.
  • At the two ends of the half way line
  • Outside the touch line.

The players kick the ball into the opponent’s goal. A goal is scored when the ball passes the goal line. The players can use any part of the body other than the hands to move the ball. The goalkeeper can use his hands to stop the ball in the restricted area around the goal post. During the game, the ball can be changed only by the referee.

The game will also have a referee, two linesmen and a man for changing substitutes. The game is played for 90 minutes with a break of 15 minutes. During half time the two teams change their sides.

Goal post size

It may be square, rectangular or round in shape but it should not be dangerous to the players.

  • The size of football goal post must be 7.32m x 2.44m.
  • Goal cross bar is 10feet in height
  • The goal post and the crossbar have the same width of 12 cm.

The grass length is 25 – 30 millimeters in length. Below the pitch turf there is sand to provide proper drainage during heavy rains.

The Football Size

The football has a standard weight and size. During the game, the ball can be changed only by the referee.

  • Diameter of the football – 68 – 70 cm
  • Weight of the football –  Between 410 – 450g
  • Internal air pressure – 0.6 – 1.1atmospheric pressure.

Selecting the right football ball size

For selecting the right football ball, you need to check the age of the player, playing skill, level of playing and the surface on which the game is to be played. When you consider all these factors you are able to choose the right football. You can go through these specifications for selecting the right football.

For playing on grass and sand

You need a little lighter ball that is durable for playing on sand and grass. It should not be very hard so that you are able to enjoy playing bare feet on sand.

For playing on hard surface

You may need a very durable ball which is made of rubber to give optimal output. It should also maintains its round shape, be water resistant have butyl bladder and rebound well.

Football size

There are different ball size for different age groups. Ball size is important to a player as it makes a huge difference in the performance.

Age GroupBall sizeCircumference
3 – 6 years
6 – 9 years
9 – 12 years
12 and above
Size 1 or  2
Size 3
Size 4
Size 5
17 – 22”

For beginners

For players who have just picked up the game and for those who play occasionally, require a football that is durable and provide good quality rebound. Machine stitched football that retains its shape well is recommended.

The main purpose of size 1 football is to develop the skills. These balls are light and easy to maneuver. This football is good for training and practicing. They are called Mini balls. These balls are used extensively for coaching purposes.

For trainers

Football of size 2 or size 3 may be suitable for trainers.

  • Football of Size 2 is 22” in circumference and 280g in weight. These footballs are also called Midi balls. They help in ball control and develop good maneuvering skills. These footballs are also light in weight.
  • Football of Size 3 is 24” in circumference and it can be used for match games. They have good construction and high quality control for a really good match.

For regular football players

For regular football play, football of size 4 and size 5 is suitable.

  • Football of Size 4 balls are of 24 – 26” in circumference and help in good flight and better performance.
  • Football of Size 5 is an international match ball of 27 – 28 “. It is used for tournaments and all official matches.

 Here are the specifications of the products

  1. Nivia Shining Star:

Synthetic rubber panels make the ball feel soft and provide excellent quality to the ball and provide good grip. It produces good bounce and speed as it is light in weight. The perfect round shape provides good flight and movement on the ground. Suitable to play on all surfaces as it is water-resistant, strong and durable.

Outer Material
Suitable for
Hard ground without grass,
wet grass ground 7 & artificial turf

It is made of Cosflex waterproof material and it is highly durable. Its suitable for playing on all surfaces.

Water Resistant
Outer Material
Suitable for Ideal for
350 – 450g
Football Training and Match Ground conditions

The outer rubber material is stitched using machine to provide quality product and excellent durability. The synthetic rubber panels offer high-tear resistance and shape retention. It’s water resistant and suitable for hard ground, wet and grassy ground and artificial turf.

Suitable for Ideal for Core/bladder material
Construction type
Number of panels
All conditions Training and Matches
Machine stitched
32 panels
420- 445g

Nivia black and white football is designed to give you perfect bounce. The 32 panels are hand stitched together to give it the perfect round shape and durability. It gives you proper grip and control. It is perfect for grassy dry or grassy wet surface.

Outer Material
Core Material
Suitable for    
430 – 454g
Hard ground without grass,
wet & grassy ground & Artificial turf
Hand-stitched 32

The finest Japanese PU material is used to give ultimate flight stability and shape retention.

Outer Material
Suitable for
Material Latex
Hand sewn
420 – 445g

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