How to choose an ideal badminton racquet?

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If you are searching for how to choose the ideal badminton racquet then this blog will help you to find the answer on which parameter you should choose the right one. One of the most important things for you to decide after knowing about the rules and regulations of the Badminton game is to choose the ideal racquet for your style of play. With so much information available on the internet, there is a lot of confusion about what is right for you. We have tried to simplify this to our readers so that they are able to decide what is best for them.

Basically choosing an Ideal Badminton racquet depends on 3 major factors.

  1. Balance
  2. Stiffness
  3. Weight


It is the weight distribution of the racquet.

The weight of the racquet is either distributed in one of the following ways

  1. The head heavy racquet, where the weight lies near the head.
  2. The head light racquet, where the weight lies below the racquet.
  3. The balanced racquet where the weight lies somewhere in the middle of the racquet.

To help you understand better where the weight of the racquet lies is to place your finger in the middle of the racquet and see which side the racquet tilts.

Depending upon your style of play if you are a good smasher and want to generate more power and momentum in your shot then you can go for a head heavy racquet. Similarly, if your game is more about precision and control then you can go for a light head racquet. A light head racquet helps you in your defence when your opposition is in attacking mode.


It is basically how much the shaft of the racquet bends.

If you are a powerful smasher and can get a whoosh/whip effect when you swing the racquet then you can go for a flexible racquet as this generates more power because both your hand and racquet are in full swing. If you intend the shuttle to go a farther distance then you can go for a stiff racquet.  If you are at the beginner or intermediate level then you can go for a stiffer racquet.


Racquets are defined by the U system which means the higher the U lesser is the weight of the racquet.

Weight in gram95-99 90-9485-8980-8475-79

The heavier you use the racquet more the power you can generate but the extra weight makes it harder to control when your opponent is attacking. Usually, in the singles game which is slower than the doubles game, players tend to choose heavier racquets where you tend to smash less as you are busy making your opponent run everywhere in the court but in the doubles where you need to have strong reflexes then you should go for the lightweight racquet.

Choosing the weight of the badminton racquet also depends upon an individual physique


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