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Table tennis is dominated by the Asian countries. It’s also known as ping-pong game. It is an indoor racquet sport and one of the most popular in racquet sports. International Table Tennis Federation embraces 200 nations today. It’s played as a singles game or doubles games. The object of the game is to hit a small ball, back and forth on a hard table. The risk of injury is least in this sport. It is played by young and old alike. China has won maximum medals in the World Championship competitions. South Korea is another Asian country that is crazy about table tennis and doing its best to gain World number one status. Japan, Germany and Sweden have also produced top quality players in this game. The famous ping-pong diplomacy only improved the China-U.S relationship. You see, sports has the ability to bring people and nations together. According to history, table tennis was invented by English man David Foster in the year 1890.

Equipment needed for the game are Table, bat and balls.

Table tennis table :

Table tennis tables that are meant for outdoor games are stronger than the tables used for indoor table tennis sport. The standard size of the traditional tables are 274 x 152.5 x 76cm.  The table or playing surface should be 2.74m long and 1.525m width and the height of the table should be 76cm from the floor.

The ¾ size table can be used for juniors and for casual play. It is 81 inch long, 45inch wide and 30inch in height.

The foldable and ready to assemble ones are slightly different in size. It is 45 inch long, 3.5inch width and 47 inch in height.

The tables have a net at the center of the table that is 15.25 cm high and it stretches to 6inch.

Table tennis bats :

Table tennis bats or racquets are also known as ping-pong paddles. There are two types of table tennis racquets, the ready-made or pre-assembled one and the customized racquet where you buy the parts and assemble them. Foam rubber bats provide good control of the ball. The paddle is usually made of laminated hard wood and rubber, stuck on either or both sides of the paddle.

The rubber used on the surface may be of pimpled rubber, or long ‘pips’ rubber. The pimple may be pointing outwards or inwards. The pimple or ‘pip’ is long conical shaped bumps. When the balls hit them it easily bends, reversing the oncoming spin. The bats may be also made of sponge and covered with rubber. The rubber that is used, is usually obtained from tropical rubber plant or petroleum and natural gas synthetic rubber. The rubber makes all the difference to the spin level, speed and performance. According to the rules and regulations, one side the rubber should be black and the other side should be red, blue, green, pink or violet in color. This only allows the player, to see which side of the paddle, the ball hits the paddle during play. It is felt that the red colored rubber is a bit faster, less spinning and less shiny compared to the black rubber. Special type of glues are used to attach the rubber sheet on the wooden blade.

Table tennis Bat size :

  • The blade of the table tennis bat is 17cm in length and 15cm in width.
  • A table tennis bat with sandwich rubber must have a total thickness of not more than 4mm.

Cleaning the paddles regularly ensure high frictional surface and good ball spin.

Table Tennis Balls :

Different types of balls are available for all type of players, be it beginners, professional or expert players. The ball with a mass of 2.7g and a diameter of 40mm (1.57in) is considered standard ball for table tennis.

Table tennis balls are given a number of stars from 1 to 3. The best balls are the one with 3 stars. These are of the highest quality and very durable.

  • One star Table Tennis balls are usually used by beginners, also for casual play and to develop the skills.
  • Two star Table tennis balls are much more durable and can be used for practice and training.
  • Three star Table tennis balls are considered to be the best and most durable. It is used for competition level games.

The ping-pong balls were earlier made of cellulose but now they are replaced by plastic materials.

White coloured balls are used for green colored surface tables whereas orange colored balls are used for blue colored surface, table tennis boards.

Rules of table tennis :

  • Before the game the empire toss the coin and the winner of the toss has the decision to receive or serve or decide which side he/she wants to play on first.
  • Games are played to 11 points.
  • Alternate serve every two points.
  • Toss the ball straight up when serving.
  • A table tennis bat with sandwich rubber must have a total thickness of not more than 4mm.
  • The serve can land anywhere in singles
  • Doubles serve must go right court to right court
  • A serve that touches the net on the way over, is a ‘let’ and the serve is retaken.
  • Alternate hitting in a doubles rally.
  • Touching the ball with your paddle hand is allowed.
  • You may not touch the table with your non-paddle hand.

Table tennis Net :

The standard table tennis net should be 6 feet long and 15.25cm (6 inches) tall. It should be dark blue, green or black with a white strip along the top edge that should not be more than 15mm thick. The net should be suspended by a cord and supported by two post 15.25cm in height. The ends of the post should be close to the net and the bottom of the net should be close to the playing surface. The net should be tight enough so that the ball hitting the top of the net should rebound.

Table tennis game :

The table tennis game is played to 11 points. The game starts with one of the player serving to the other. The ball must first bounce on your side before bouncing on the opponent’s side. The opponent must allow the ball to bounce on their side before returning the shot. The ball must pass cleanly over the net. If it ‘clips’ the net and goes over, it is ‘let’ and the serve is retaken.  The players switch off service, every two points, till one of the payer reaches 11 points.

Now that the rules of the game is clear, go in for a racquet of your choice depending on your playing level.

Fasto Table Tennis Racquet :

This racquet gives good control over speed as well as spin. It lets you control the game and improve performance.

  • Fast blade
  • ITTF authorized rubber
  • Flared handle
  • Spin 90
  • Speed 88
  • Control 92

GKI Table Tennis Offensive XX :

GKI Offensive racquet is a fast racquet that is perfect for delivering power shots with ease. It offers control and accuracy while playing. It has an ergonomic grip which enables the player to hit power shots. It offers lasting durability and high performance, more power and spin. Its best suited for offensive player.

  • Fast racquet
  • ITTF authorized rubber
  • Material: Wood
  • Skill level: Intermediate & Advanced level
  • Speed 92
  • Spin 92
  • Control 96

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