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Best cricket bats

A cricket enthusiast should invest in a good bat, based on the playing style and physical strength. There are a wide variety of good quality cricket bats that you can choose from. A good look at all the options is necessary to take a wise decision. For that, you may visit shop page or TT SPORTS at Akola, Maharashtra. Why not take a look at these bats?

SS Magnum English Willow Cricket Bat : Click here to Buy

SS Magnum is made from hand-picked finest English Willow. It is designed and made for professional-level players with top stroke play and power. Provided with a short handle and it is very good against leather balls.

ss magnum EW cricket bat

Blade  : Made of Kashmir Willow

Bat Grade  : Grade 4

Size  : SH

Sport Type  : Cricket

Weight Range  : 1200g

Suitable for  : Leather Ball

Skill level    : Intermediate

Sweet spot  : Middle

With cover  : Yes

SS Cannon Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat : Click here to Buy

The famous SS Cannon bats are among the favourite in the cricketing world. It is light in weight and has a handle of the cane. Suitable for Men and Boys. Very good for beginners.

cannon yorker

Bat Grade               : Grade 4

Sport type               : Cricket

Blade                      : Made from Kashmir Willow

Suitable for             : Beginner playing level

Weight                    :  880g – 1020g

Handle Material      : Sarawak cane

With Cover             : Yes

Ton Super English Willow Cricket Bat : Click here to Buy

The thick edges and large blade allows for good shot play. You would find it exciting to play with this bat. The sweet spot is middle to low giving great pick up. The Sarawak cane handle provide firm grip.

super ton cricket bat 1

Blade                   : Made of English Willow

Bat size                : Grade 3

Sport type            : Cricket

Cover                    : Yes

Weight Range       : 0.950 – 1,120 kg

Suitable for           : Training, Club Matches

Handle type           : Round Sarawak cane

Handle grip type    : Rubber

 ‘The Tidkes Smasher’ English willow Cricket Bats : Click here to Buy

This beautifully crafted bat is made from excellent wood. It produces powerful punch that can surprise the most elite of batsmen. Its reasonable pricing has put it in the front runner position. It is one of the best cricket bat we have.

TT smasher cricket bat 1

Weight Ranges :      1150gm to 1250gm

Sport type :     Cricket

Blade :      Made from English willow

Handle :       Full cane handl

TT Bombarder English Willow Cricket Bat : Click here to Buy

This bat is a must-have, for the sheer power that it can generate in your shots. Its exceptional quality can take your game to a new level altogether. Good for leather ball. The dual tone handle provides firm grip. A proud Made-in-India product.

TT bambarder bat 1

Blade                             : Made from English Willow

Weight                          : 1100gm – 1200gm

Handle                          : Full cane handle

Size                              : Regular

Sport type                     : Cricket

Suitable for                   : Leather and tennis ball

TT Lofter Kashmir Willow Bat : Click here to Buy

TT Lofter bat is made up of high quality Kashmir willow. The bats quality and value is worth every penny. The TT Lofter helps you to improve your batting skill. It’s highly affordable range gives it a place in every sports kit. The concave edges gives maximum impact and improves performance.

TT lofter kashmir willow bat

Blade                                 : Made from Kashmir Willow Bat

Handle                               : Full cane handle

Weight                               : 1100gm – 1200gm

Suitable for                        : Leather and Tennis Ball

Sport type                          : Cricket

Size                                   : Regular

TT Flogger Kashmir willow Cricket Bat : Click here to Buy

Kashmir Willow cricket Bats are among the favorites for all batters. Be it trainees or professionals. The good news is that you can take it home at a very reasonable price. This powerful bat can surprise you with its punch that can be unleashed on the opponent.

tt flogger kashmir willow bat

Blade                                    : Made from Kashmir Willow Bat

Weight                                 : 1150gm – 1250gm

Handle                                 : Full cane handle

Sport type                            : Cricket

Size                                     : Regular

Suitable for                         : Leather and tennis ball

SS Ton Maximus Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat : Click here to Buy

It’s made from premium Kashmir Willow with massive edges and 3 tone aqua grip. It’s light in weight and good for beginners. It has a perfect shape, weight and balance.

tt maxima cricket bat

Size                                     : 6

Grade                                  : 3

Blade                                  : Made from Kashmir Willow

Suitable for                         : Intermediate level

Handle type                        : Round

Sport type                           : Cricket

SS Ton Classic English Willow Cricket Bat : Click here to Buy

This bat is specially designed for classic players who can hit good ground shots. The use of Sarawak cane handle makes it stronger. It’s naturally air-dried and has a short handle. The blades are provided with fine edges.

tt classic EW bat

Size:                                      SH

Blade:                                   Made from English Willow

Weight:                                1180m – 1250gm

Playing Level:                      Intermediate, Advanced

Bat Grade:                            Grade 5

Cover:                                   Yes

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