Buyer’s Guide: How to select a good Volleyball?

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Enthusiastic people are always in search of the best place to visit and celebrate New Year. Which better place can you think of other than the alluring beaches to celebrate Holidays, Christmas and enjoy New Year? The year-end is the best time to visit and enjoy a game of volleyball at the beach with friends. Are you thinking on the same lines?  So here are a few tips to help you buy the right volleyball.  

To help you choose the best and the right volleyball, you need to consider many factors like playing level, playing setting and age of the players. Depending on these factors you may choose the right volleyball.

Volleyballs come in two sizes. One meant for youngsters and the other one for adults.


Volleyball for youngsters – circumference of 25 to 26 inches.

Adult volleyball – 25.5 to 26.5 inches.

A standard volleyball has a circumference of 22.59 – 26.34 inches and mass of 260 – 280g with an air pressure of 4.26 to 4.61 psi.

Volleyballs for different playing conditions:

  1. Standard indoor:

  For the standard indoor game, the following factors need to be considered for players above 12 years of age.

  • Age group: 12years and above
  • Size:  4
  • Weight:  260 -280g
  • Circumference: 65 – 67cm( 25.5 – 26.5 inches),
  • Air pressure:  4.3 – 4.6 psi,
  • Youth indoor:

For players under 12 years of age, the following criteria need to be taken into consideration.

Age group: Children under 12 years of age

Circumference: 63 – 65(25 – 26 inches)

Weight: 260 – 280g

Air pressure: 4.3psi

  • Outdoor Volleyball/Beach:

When volleyball is played outdoor by players above 12 years of age, the following factors need to be considered.

Age group: 12years and above

Circumference: 66 – 68cm ( 26-27inches)

Weight: 260-280g

Air Pressure:  2.5-3.2psi


  • Playing setting – The game maybe played indoors or at the beach or any other outdoor setting.
  • Full-size volleyball refers to size 5. It is the standard size for most competitive matches.
  • Players of age 8 – 12 years should use official light weight volleyball.
  • The beach volleyball has the official standard size of 5 and about 8.2 inches in diameter. This soft and light volleyball is ideal for beginners, youngsters, middle aged players and elderly people.
  • When buying a volleyball people generally look at the colors. Blue and yellow could be used for playing during the day time. Whereas light colors could be used when playing at night.
  • You should feel lot of vibration when striking the ball. You may test the air pressure by bouncing it on the ground. If it’s properly inflated it would rise to about a meter in height. It should have a nice solid bounce and a little feel when you compress the ball.

Beach volleyball

Construction: Stitched

Surface:  rougher surface

Circumference: Slightly larger size volleyball with reduced air pressure to make it lighter and so that it bounces off well in the sand.

Water-resistance – Resist moisture and dirt in the outdoor setting.

The outer panel cover material is rough, to accommodate the outdoor playing condition.  

The volleyball ball has 3 parts. The outer covering, the core, also called the bladder and the panels.

  1. Cover material:

Leather is ideal for professional players, suitable for indoor courts, wooden courts, these are most premium balls with best in-class performance.

  • The core:

The core is usually made of rubber so that they are light on the hand and easily move through the air.

  • The panels:

The panels maybe either glued to the inner lining or it may be secured to the inner lining by stitching it.

Cosco Acclaim volleyball :

  • Size:  4
  • Outer Material:  PU leather pasted
  • Weight:  260 – 280g
  • Circumference: 65 – 67cms
  • Stitching type:  Machine stitched
  • Bladder type: Butyl bladder
  • Number of panels: 18
  • Winding: Nylon winding
  • Water resistant
  • Cosco Acclaim volleyball can be purchased
cosco volleyball
COSCO Acclaim volleyball

Cosco Super Volley Volleyball:

It’s made from genuine leather and approved by Federation of India (VFI)

  • Size: 4
  • Age group:  Adult
  • Outer Material: Nylon and genuine leather cover
  • Core material: Pasted construction
  • Bladder type: Butyl bladder
  • Ideal for:  Junior and Senior
  • Stitching type:  Hand stitched
  • Number of panels: 18
  • Suitable for: Indoor and Outer door courts
  • Outer material: Rubber
  • Skill level: Expert
  • Weight: 260 – 280g
  • Water resistant
  • Cosco Super Volley Volleyball can be purchased at
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Cosco Super Volleyball- THETIDKES

Nivia Classic Volleyball: 

It’s suitable for rough use as well as all type of indoor surfaces. A proud Made-in-India product.

  • Size:  4
  • Designed for:  Advanced, Training
  • Stitching type:  Hand stitched
  • Number of panels:  32
  • Outer material: Rubber
  • Core material:  Rubber
  • Weight:  300 – 350g
  • Suitable for:  Wet and soft outdoor surfaces
  • Age group: 15 years and above
  • Bladder type: – Butyl bladder
  • Resistant to dirt and moisture
  • Nivia Classic Volleyball is available at
Classic volley THETIDKES
NIVIA Classic Volleyball

Nivia G 2020 Volleyball :

  • Size:  4
  • Outer material: Microfiber composite leather
  • Suitable for: Soft & Rough outdoor, All indoor surface
  • Ideal for: Junior players
  • Age group:18 years and above
  • Designed for: Professionals
  • Stitching type: Hand stitched
  • Body features: High air retention bladder and valve
  • Absorbs less moisture, resistance to dirt.  
  • Nivia G 2020 Volleyball available at
nivia G20 volleyball
NIVIA G 2020

Nivia Spikester Volleyball:

Nivia Spikester volleyball gives you a better grip. Thereby enhancing your skill and providing greater control over the game. It’s recommended especially for trainers. A proud Made-in-India product.

  • Size:  4
  • Water resistant
  • Outer material: PU pasted synthetic leather
  • Weight: 350-390g
  • Suitable for: Grassy hard surface
  • Ideal for: Senior players
  • Age group: 12 years and above
  • Designed for: Training, Beginner
  • Stitch type: Machine stitched
  • Bladder type: Butyl bladder
  • Look for Nivia Spikester Volleyball at
NIVIA spiker volleyball- THETIDKES

Nivia Spot Volleyball :

  • Size:  4
  • Core – high air retention butyl bladder
  • Mid layer – reinforced layer for better shape retention
  • Panel – 18 panel universal design construction
  • Top layer – durable abrasion resistant soft leather
  • Diameter – 9 inches
  • Material – rubber
  • Genuine leather laminated.
  • Light weight , for beginners
  • Get Nivia Spot Volleyball from
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nivia spot volleyball- THETIDKES

Nivia Trainer Volleyball:

  • Size:  4
  • Outer material:  Rubber
  • Suitable for:  Wet and soft outdoor surfaces, rough use, all type of indoor surface,
  • Age group: 14 – 18 years
  • Stitching type: Hand stitched
  • Core material: Rubber
  • Bladder type: Butyl bladder
  • Weight: 300 – 350 g
  • Designed for: Training
  • Number of panels: 18
  • Other body feature; resistance to dirt, absorbs less moisture hence is more durable and long lasting, high air retention bladder and valve.
  • Premium natural rubber covering for long lasting
  • Ideal for: Beach and outdoor fields.
  • For Nivia Trainer Volleyball visit
NIVIA trainer volleyball
NIVIA trainer volleyball

Spartan Lotus Volleyball :

  • Size: 4
  • Water resistant
  • Outer material: Microfiber PU molded
  • Weight: 150-260g
  • Stitch type:  Rubber molded
  • Number of panels: 18
  • Bladder type: Butyl bladders
  • Other features: high air retention bladder and valve
  • To purchase Spartan Lotus Volleyball visit
LOTUS volleyball 1
Spartan Lotus Volleyball

Spartan Super Volleyball:

Spartan Super Volleyball is made from high-quality rubber that is very durable for a long duration of play.

  • Size: 4
  • Weight: 200g
  • Suitable for: Wet, hard surface
  • Age group: above 13 years
  • Designed for: professionals
  • Stitching type: Rubber molded
  • Material: Rubber
  • Number of panels: 18
  • Water resistant
  • Buy Spartan Super Volleyball from
Spartan Super Volleyball
Spartan Super Volleyball

All beach outings are incomplete without a beach volleyball game. So grab the best volleyball from and enjoy the year-end with hopes for a happy and healthy New Year. 

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