Women’s Cricket – Coming of Age

women's cricket coming of age

Women’s Sports have been generating a lot of interest lately. Plenty of hype has been generated by media, sponsors, advertisements and broadcasters. Women’s cricket has been growing by leaps and bounds. Influence of media, more of international competitions and professionalism has led to immense popularity. First, we had Women’s Cricket World Cup in March 2022 and now we have Women’s T20 World Cup. 

A historic day was created when Indian Women’s Hockey team won the FIH Women’s Nations Cup 2022 in Valencia by beating Spain in the final. Women’s cricket also has gained a lot of popularity especially in cricket crazy Indian subcontinent. The shortest version of cricket, the T20 format has always found more favours among fans and sponsors.

Cricket ball used by Women Cricketers

The cricket-ball used in Women’s cricket is slightly smaller and lighter than the one used by male cricketers. They should weigh about 140 – 151 g with a circumference of 21 – 22.5cm. The weight of the ball chosen for playing cricket also depend on gender and age of the players.  

The cricket bat by women is slightly lighter than the one used by men. The size depends on the height of the player. 

For Men’s Cricket:

Men and boys above 13 are using cricket ball of minimum weight of 156 and maximum weight of 163g.

For Women’s Cricket:

Girls above 13 are using cricket ball of minimum weight of 140 and maximum weight of 151g.

Cricket Bat for women:

For women cricketers, the short handle (SH) bat, would be most appropriate size to give a better control of the blade. Harrow is a bat that is smaller than the short handle (SH) bat.

Women’s cricket bats are generally light in weight. It generally weighs between 900 to 950 g with an edge size of 30mm and willow type is generally Kashmir willow. For men, the bat typically weighs from 1.2 to 1.4 kg.

Player height (cm)Bat size
137 – 144 144 – 150 150 – 157 157 – 163 163 – 168 168 – 178 178   + 188 +3 4 5 6 7 (Harrow) 8 (Women’s) 9 (Short Handle) 10 (Long Handle)

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  1. Check the size of the bat based on your height.
  2. Choose the sticker

The 2023 ICC Women’s Under 19 Cricket World Cup will be held in South Africa. This is the first edition of ICC Under 19 Women T20 World Cup that is scheduled from 14th to 29th January 2023. In all, 16 teams will be participating in the event. They are divided into 4 groups.

Participants:           16

Matches:                 41

Cricket Format:      20 overs

Host:                       South Africa

Administrator(s) – International Cricket Council

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
Australia Bangladesh Sri Lanka USAEngland Pakistan Rwanda ZimbabweIndonesia Ireland New Zealand West IndiesIndia Scotland Soth Africa UAE

The format –

Group stage

The Women’s Cricket World Cup starts on 14th January 2023.

The 16 teams are divided into 4 groups and they will play each other.

The top three in each group will progress to the Super Six League Stage.

Super Six – 

The top three from Group A will play against the qualifying teams from Group D and qualifying teams from Group B will play against the two of the qualifying teams from Group C. The top two sides from each of the Super Six Leagues will progress to the semi-finals.

 Semi-finals (27 January)

Winner Super 6 Group 1 V Runner-up Sper Six Group 2

Winner Super 6 Group 2 V Runner-up Sper Six Group 1

Final (29 January)

Winner Semi-final 1 V Winner Semi-final 2

Cricket in India is already very popular to say the least and now women T20 cricket World Cup will take it to a much greater height. For now, all eyes are on T20 Women’s World Cup.

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